Lead Program

  • St. Clair County Health Department provides blood lead screening and testing services for children age 6 months to 6 years, as well as for prenatal clients.
  • If a client tests high for blood lead, they are referred to their medical provider for a confirmatory blood test.
  • If a child’s blood lead is confirmed to be 5mcg/dl or higher, the family is case managed in order to reduce the blood lead level.
  • Additionally, blood lead education and outreach is extended to medical providers, community agencies and the general public.
  • For more information, please contact 618-825-4439.

Lead Screening Program

The Lead Screening program, an assessment tool, is utilized to determine potential risks for children to have elevated Blood Lead levels which can lead to health related problems.


What are the goals of the program?

To assess children that receive health department services for the potential risk of high lead levels and conduct testing and referrals as needed. To follow up on any IDPH reporting of high lead levels in children and enroll those into case management services for follow up on medical care issues.

Who is this program for?

Children age 6 months to six years.

Who is eligible for this program?

Residents of St Clair County.

For More Information Contact:

St. Clair County Health Department
19 Public Square, Suite 150  |  Belleville, IL 62220-1624