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The mission of the Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) is to strengthen emergency response, promote community resilience, and improve public health efforts in our community by recruiting, training, and engaging local volunteers; and assisting emergency response personnel and agencies in emergency preparedness, response, and recovery efforts.


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What is the Medical Reserve Corps?

The Medical Reserve Corps is a national network of locally based volunteers that are dedicated to building strong, safe, and resilient communities. They do this by supporting local emergency response efforts, supporting local public health initiatives, and by participating in community preparedness activities.

The Medical Reserve Corps was originally created after the September 11 terrorist attacks when President Bush urged all Americans to volunteer in service of our country. It was clear during the attacks that there was a need for additional personnel to supplement emergency response efforts in a more organized fashion. The MRC provides the structure necessary to pre‐train, credential, and identify volunteers before a disaster occurs.

Who Can Volunteer?

The St. Clair County MRC is looking for both medical and non-medical professionals to volunteer. We need medical and public health professionals such as physicians, pharmacists, dentists, nurses, and veterinarians. We also need non-medical personnel to fill key positions including chaplains, interpreters, legal advisors, office workers, etc. All adults over age 18 are invited to apply. If you want to help your community, this is a fantastic opportunity to get involved! It is also a wonderful way to better prepare yourself and your family for potential disasters.

What do MRC Volunteers Do?

  • Participate in trainings and exercises
  • Assist with medication dispensing activities during a disease outbreak
  • Respond to emergencies at the request of the health department
  • Assist with public health initiatives such as health screenings and health education

MRC volunteers receive valuable training that can be helpful in various emergencies. Volunteers participate in online and classroom trainings such as CPR/First Aid, Personal Preparedness, Family Preparedness, Psychological First Aid, and the Incident Command System. MRC volunteers also participate in exercises that help the community prepare for responding to emergencies.

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Bridget Farengo
Emergency Preparedness & Volunteer Coordinator

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Recent Awards

2022 MRC Program Recognition Awardee in the “Community Preparedness and Resilience” category

2022 MRC Operational Readiness Award (ORA)

2021 MRC Operational Readiness Award (ORA)

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